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1 Banksy anti-immigration birds mural in Clacton-on-Sea destroyed
The mural in Clacton-on-Sea - where a by-election is due to take place following the local MP's defection to UKIP - appeared this week. It showed four pigeons holding signs including "Go Back to Africa", while a more exotic-looking bird looked on.
2 Chimps with tools: Wild ape culture caught on camera
Researchers have captured the spread of a new type of tool use in a wild population of chimps. They say this is the first clear evidence of wild chimpanzees developing a new culture.
3 Armed man with assault conviction shared lift with Obama
President Barack Obama rode in a lift with an armed security contractor who had assault convictions, in what appears to be another security lapse. It happened on 16 September when Mr Obama visited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.
4 'Anti-Facebook' platform Ello attracts thousands
Social media network Ello is currently receiving up to 31,000 requests an hour from people wishing to join its platform, its founder has told the BBC. It was initially designed to just be used by about 90 friends of its founder Paul Budnitz.
5 Where does the phrase 'boots on the ground' come from?
"Boots on the ground" is shorthand for combat troops deployed in a foreign country. Barack Obama and David Cameron have both used it - it's a phrase that is constantly cropping up in the news. But where did it come from? Infantry have been stomping in boots through mud and sand for centuries.
7 Tasks
9 Future Self
10 On the Phone
11 Horse
12 The freedivers who swim with whales
Whales are extremely shy animals, making it hard to study them in their natural habitat. But a group of marine scientists has managed to record their behaviour up-close by freediving with humpbacks and sperm whales. I'm floating in the Indian Ocean, six miles off the north-east coast of Sri Lanka.
13 What makes a global top 10 university?
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is in first place in the latest league table of the world's best universities. It's the third year in a row that the US university, famous for its science and technology research, has been top of the QS World University Rankings.
14 Download, print, build your Martian home in 24 hours
Imagine opening the curtains in the morning and instead of grey skies and rain, looking out at a rust-coloured rocky panorama. The year is 2045. You have woken up on Mars.
15 Goldfish recovering after 'high-risk' tumour removal
George, whose owner lives in Melbourne, was put under general anaesthetic for the $200 (£125) procedure. Dr Tristan Rich, who carried out the operation, told Melbourne's 3AW radio station that the fish was now "up and about and swimming around".
16 Canon printer hacked to run Doom video game
The hack was carried out by security researcher Michael Jordon, and it took four months to get the game running on the hardware. He said he had undertaken the project to demonstrate the security problems surrounding devices that would form the "internet of things".
17 US and UK spy agencies 'have access to German telecoms'
US and British intelligence services are able to secretly access information from German telecoms operators, according to a German newspaper report. The data is said to include information from networks as well as from individual computers and smart-phones.
18 Ancient sturgeon in China's Yangtze 'nearly extinct'
The Chinese sturgeon, thought to have existed for more than 140 million years, is now on the brink of extinction, according to local media. Xinhua reported that no wild sturgeon reproduced naturally last year in the Yangtze river.
19 Brazil builds giant Amazon observation tower
Construction has begun on a giant observation tower in the heart of the Amazon basin to monitor climate change. The Amazon Tall Tower Observatory is expected to rise 325m from the ground.
20 World wildlife populations halved in 40 years - report
The global loss of species is even worse than previously thought, the London Zoological Society (ZSL) says in its new Living Planet Index. The report suggests populations have halved in 40 years, as new methodology gives more alarming results than in a report two years ago.


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