Brilliant Gallery examples

The new version of Brilliant Gallery is in alpha release. It is not recommended to install it on production sites, but your testing is most welcome. Grab the latest development version from the project page. Please post your reports and suggestions at the Drupal issue queue (instead of commenting on this page).

The new version improves syntax of the tags that are used to embed galleries into any html content (in the body of pages, in blocks, text fields, etc.) 

In the old tag syntax, each parameter had to appear in a particular place in the row of parameters. With addition of new functionality this became very impractical.

  • Full syntax of the old tag: [bg|path/to/your/gallery/folder/without/wrapping/slashes|columncountoverride|widthoverride|sortorrandomoverride|maximumnumbertoshow|colouroverride|beginfromoverride|caption-yes-no-text]

The new tag syntax

  • uses named parameters, that is 'widthoverride' does not have to be the 3rd parameter after 'bg'; you can simply specify: thumbwidth = 44|
  • can spread over several lines and it is less fussy about HTML tags in between etc. (E.g. when using BG with a JavaScript editor such as FCKEditor or similar.)
  • is much more readable -- you don't have to remember what the positions mean
  • and it is very easily extendable as new features are added

Example using the new syntax:

location =|
thumbcolumns = 12 |
thumbwidth = 30|
thumbmaxshow = 24

The above code is deliberately looks sloppy to demonstrate how tolerant is the new tag recognition. The only critical elements in the tag are:

  • The first pipe (|) has to follow 'bg' immediately: '[bg|'
  • Parameters must be separated from their values by equation signs enclosed by white spaces: ' = '
  • Obviously, parameters / value pairs may not contain pipe signs (|) or square brackets ([) or (])

The above example produces:

The good news is that the new tags are backwards compatible with the earlier, position-sensitive tags. So the above example could also be written as follows: [bg||12|30||24]

Now, guess what you can do with a new parameter 'thumbslideshow':

location =|
thumbwidth = 400|
thumbslideshow = yes]