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Tesco mistake leads to beer rush

An error which slashed the price of beer and cider led to a stampede of customers at a number of Tesco supermarkets in Scotland. Police were called to Tesco in Greenock after heavy congestion was reported in the car park as customers rushed to get the deal.

Profit down 95% at Stella brewer

The world's biggest brewer, Anheuser-Busch InBev, has reported a 95% fall in three-month profits, blaming costs of restructuring the business Its attributable profits in the last quarter of 2008 fell to 49m euros ($62m; £43m) from 900m euros in 2007.

No deal in Belgian beer dispute

A second round of talks to end almost two weeks of blockades at the Belgian breweries of the world's largest beer-maker have ended without agreement.Staff at Anheuser-Busch (AB) InBev's plants in Leuven and Liege have now been blocking the entrances for 13 days in a row over 263 job cuts.

Molecular trap makes fresher beer

The approach works by removing riboflavin, or vitamin B2, which causes changes to beer's flavour when exposed to light passing through the bottle. Scientists at the Technical University of Dortmund designed a polymer "trap" with tiny crevices that capture the riboflavin molecules.

Making electricity from urine

Scientists have developed a way to convert urine in to a renewable energy source. But as Sally Magnusson, author of Life of Pee and presenter of Radio 4's Secret Science of Pee, writes in this viewpoint feature, there is some way to go before the idea is embraced more widely.

Iron-Age brewing evidence found in southeastern France

Archaeologists have uncovered evidence that the occupants of southeastern France were brewing beer during the Iron Age, some 2,500 years ago.

How Bronze Age man enjoyed his pint

Bronze Age Irishmen were as fond of their beer as their 21st century counterparts, it has been claimed. Two archaeologists have put forward a theory that one of the most common ancient monuments seen around Ireland may have been used for brewing ale.

Falling stout bubbles explained

Irish mathematicians may have solved the mystery of why bubbles in stout beers such as Guinness sink: it may simply be down to the glass. Simulations suggest an upward flow at the glass's centre and a downward flow at its edges in which the liquid carried the bubbles down with it.


Dès 07h le matin et jusqu’à 17h00, le maître-brasseur, sa famille et ses amis vous convient à la grande fête du brassage à l’ancienne. Ils vous proposent de vivre les différentes étapes de la fabrication traditionnelle du Lambic.

Beer goggles 'don't disguise age'

The effect of "beer goggles" should not be used as an excuse for men getting a woman's age wrong, a study suggests. University of Leicester researchers showed 240 people, half of whom had been drinking, digitally-altered images of females meant to be 13, 17 or 20.

Brewing Up a Civilization

Did our Neolithic ancestors turn to agriculture so that they could be sure of a tipple? US Archaeologist Patrick McGovern thinks so. The expert on identifying traces of alcohol in prehistoric sites reckons the thirst for a brew was enough of an incentive to start growing crops.

'Free' Danish beer makes a splash

The Danes love their beer, but increasingly they are looking beyond the old Danish standby, Carlsberg, to quench their thirst. It is called Vores Oel, or Our Beer, and the recipe is proving to be a worldwide hit.

'Beer goggles' effect explained

Scientists believe they have worked out a formula to calculate how "beer goggles" affect a drinker's vision. The drink-fuelled phenomenon is said to transform supposedly "ugly" people into beauties - until the morning after.


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