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The science team on the American New Horizons mission to Pluto has released two colour views of the dwarf planet and its biggest moon, Charon.
New Horizons lost very little science data when it went into "safe mode" at the weekend, the mission team says. Nasa's Pluto probe experienced a fault on Saturday that put it temporarily out of contact with the Earth, as it speeds towards a flyby next week...
Daniel Boria, 26, told police he was planning on parachuting into the Calgary Stampede, a rodeo event, to promote his cleaning-products company. Mr Boria said he "somersaulted out the chair" and parachuted down to safety after the balloons took him too high...
"We expected very hot air to arrive on Saturday, but in fact it arrived a little bit earlier, on Friday night. The temperature in the Ukkel measuring station was still at 28.4 Celsius at 10pm, and still at 25.3 at 3 o'clock in the morning. The rock-bottom temperature was eventually 24...
When Henri met Albert the stars didn’t quite align; nor did their clocks. Jimena Canales, historian of science, tells Joe Gelonesi about her discovery of an explosive 20th century debate that changed our view of time and destroyed a reputation.
Running a marathon is a major life goal for many people, but it takes precise planning and extensive training to succeed in the 26.2-mile-long race.
Researchers have discovered what appear to be the remnants of red blood cells and connective tissue in 75 million-year-old dinosaur fossils. The work could shine a light on long-standing questions about dinosaur physiology, including whether specific species were warm- or cold-blooded.
Cities that actively promote physical activities enjoy an economic advantage, research has suggested. It says areas designed for physical activities have increased retail activity and revenue, and lower healthcare and crime costs.
Students cannot successfully multi-task in using mobile phones while they are studying, US research suggests. Researchers found that students sending and receiving messages while studying scored lower test results and were less effective at tasks such as note taking.
Research carried out by the air traffic control provider Nats and its partners suggests that existing TV signals could be used to track aircraft, providing a cheaper alternative to radar. TV signals use different parts of the radio spectrum to radar, but both bounce off solid objects.
Google has announced a tool for Gmail users to retrieve potentially embarrassing emails up to 30 seconds after they've been sent. The "Undo Send" tool will apply to all Gmail web accounts and the Inbox by Gmail app...
An unmanned American Falcon-9 rocket has broken apart in flames minutes after lifting off from Cape Canaveral in Florida. Debris from the SpaceX vehicle tumbled out of the sky into the Atlantic Ocean.
Cat v mouse: it is probably the most famous predator-prey pairing, enshrined in idioms and a well-known cartoon. And cats, it turns out, even have chemical warfare in their anti-mouse arsenal - contained in their urine.
Family get-togethers take on a whole new meaning as you get older, says Adam Gopnik. June is the month of weddings, which trail family reunions along behind them like bridal trains or garlands.
YouTube's new analytics tool reveals some surprising secrets about the world's most popular musicians. Music Insight lets artists see where their videos are being streamed, helping them plot tours and target their most fervent fans...
In a quiet room full of the glistening trophies he's won, Lee Young-ho rolled up the right sleeve on his grey jumper. Repetitive strain had injured Mr Lee's muscles, deforming them and making surgery the only option to save his illustrious career...
Google has unveiled a collection of 40 new "special street view" images as part of its latest update. As well as regular images, the new views let you swim with humpback whales in the Cook Islands, dive off the coast of Bali and take a beach stroll in Samoa...
When Toyota puts its considerable bulk behind a new technology, everyone should sit up and take notice. When it launched the first-generation Prius back in 1997, many scoffed. It was ugly, not terribly efficient and distinctly uncool.
Self-healing aeroplane wings could be introduced in the next five to 10 years, say UK researchers at the University of Bristol. The team drew inspiration from the way the human body heals from a cut with blood that hardens into a scab.