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In Durham, Atom Bank is poised to launch shortly as a bank with no branches, living solely on the internet. The US has Ally Bank, an internet-only bank focused on its smartphone interface.
Thousands online have shared an image of a Syrian child with her hands raised in surrender - but what is the story behind it? Those sharing it were moved by the fear in the child's eyes, as she seems to staring into the barrel of a gun...
Physicists have pinned down precisely how pipe-shaped cells in our retina filter the incoming colours. These cells, which sit in front of the ones that actually sense light, play a major role in our colour vision that was only recently confirmed.
These colourful and intricate images are this year's Wellcome Image Awards finalists. From a greenfly's eye, to a curved human spine - they showcase the best in science imaging techniques. Below is the final selection of 20 - but which one will be named overall winner on Wednesday 18 March?...
Murders are tragic but rare. But what drives some people to kill? Michael Mosley has been looking into research exploring the minds of murderers. In the 1870s Dr Cesare Lombroso, sometimes called the father of scientific criminology, was studying criminals imprisoned in Turin.
Apple's smartwatch collection will range in price from $349 to more than $10,000 (£230 to over £6,600) depending on the metals they are made from and the straps they are bought with. The larger 42mm (1.7in) models of the Watch will cost about $50 more than than the 38mm (1...
Websites banned in China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and other countries, are being made available to their citizens. Reporters Without Borders has set up mirrors, or copies, of nine websites that are banned in 11 countries, allowing people there to see them.
You can now "trek" Mount Everest from the comfort of your sofa, as Google Maps launches new Street Views of the Khumbu valleys in Nepal. While you might not be able to get to the summit, you can explore many of the trails and towns in the region...
Images have emerged of the island's surface, 45km (28 miles) north-west of Tonga's capital, Nuku'alofa. The island - which is 500m (1,640 feet) long - was formed after an eruption at the Hunga Tonga volcano that started in December...
Mr. Deity, Lucy, and John the Baptist meet with Joseph Smith to hear about his exciting new ideas for the latter-days.
Richard Dawkins is mistakenly brought to the realm of the Deity. thanks to our Jony Meves (David Beadle -- The Secular Hu
Fauja Singh (born 1 April 1911) is a British centenarian marathon runner of Sikh origin. He is a world record holder in his age bracket.
In the 19th century, British explorers were famous for not getting stressed.
An integrated information package for biodiversity conservation. EcoLynx was developed by the Union of International Associations (UIA) and co-funded by the partners and through a grant from DG Information Society of the Commission of the European Union between 1997-2000. This movie was a part of th
The 35-year-old, from London, was found at Old Street Station after police were called at 00:22 BST on Sunday. British Transport Police described the man's death as a "tragic accident" and are not treating it as suspicious...
Historian Tom Holland was one of those who tweeted Charlie Hebdo's cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad in the wake of the deadly attack on the magazine's office. Here he explains the ramifications of defending free speech. Religions are not alone in having their martyrs.
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In the mid-1960s, Australian athlete Reg Spiers found himself stranded in London with no money to buy a plane ticket home. Desperate to get back to Australia in time for his daughter's birthday, he decided to post himself in a wooden crate. "I just got in the thing and went.
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Later this year, the UN is expected to adopt the World Bank's ambitious target of ending extreme poverty by 2030. It would mean that for the first time, everyone in the world would able to afford a refrigerator and other goods that would make life a bit easier...
An Air Canada aeroplane has "exited" the runway while landing at Halifax airport, the airline says. All 132 passengers on board the A320 Airbus have left the plane, with 25 taken to hospital for observation and treatment of minor injuries...
There is further, compelling evidence that Ganymede - the largest moon in the Solar System - has an ocean of water beneath its icy crust. The new data comes from the Hubble Space Telescope, which has been studying how auroral lights dance around the satellite of Jupiter.