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The US has been spying on Japanese cabinet officials, banks and companies, including the Mitsubishi conglomerate, whistleblowing website Wikileaks says. Documents released by Wikileaks list 35 telephone numbers targeted for interception by the US National Security Agency (NSA).
A government-related agency in the US has suggested lawmakers consider strengthening privacy laws around facial recognition.Such systems are increasingly being used in public areas, such as shopping centres.
New York's famed Empire State Building hosted new guests on Saturday night as images of endangered animals were flashed across its facade. The unique display, on one of the world's most recognisable structures, was aimed at sparking conversations about mass extinction...
The Earth is old, very very old. It is difficult for us humans to fully comprehend just how old our planet actually is. This infographic offers a visual way to explore the various stages of the Earth's history using a 12 hour clock analogy...
Today we announced that the Google Translate app now does real-time visual translation of 20 more languages. So the next time you’re in Prague and can’t read a menu, we’ve got your back. But how are we able to recognize these new languages? In short: deep neural nets.
We are weary of academic conferences. We are humanists who recognize very little humanity in the conference format and content.
I gave my State of Drupal presentation at DrupalCon Los Angeles in front of 3,000+ attendees. In case you didn't attend DrupalCon Los Angeles, you can watch the recording of my keynote or download a copy of my slides (PDF, 77 MB)...
The tragedy of the commons is a term, originally used by Garrett Hardin, to denote a situation where individuals acting independently and rationally according to each's self-interest behave contrary to the best interests of the whole group by depleting some common resource...
It’s sometimes said that the eyes are windows into the soul, revealing deep emotions that we might otherwise want to hide.
Sleepiness and stress are perennial risks for the long distance lorry driver, and accidents are sadly too frequent. However, a radical new driverless truck being trialled by Daimler may offer a solution.
Lawyers acting for the chimps, Leo and Hercules, want them to be moved to an animal sanctuary. Researchers at Stony Brook University are using the chimps for research on physical movement.
People around the world are trying to summon a "Mexican demon" named Charlie, using pencils and a bit of paper. Since people started posting their attempts on Vine and Twitter, many more are sharing parody videos making a joke out of the challenge...
Twitter's live video streaming app Periscope is being launched on Google's Android platform, exactly two months after its debut in the Apple store in March. Rival streaming app Meerkat has been available for download on Google's Play store since the beginning of May...
It may be possible to estimate the size of a large crowd based on geographical data from mobile phones and Twitter, according to a new study. Warwick University researchers studied geo-tagged tweets and mobile phone use over a two-month period in Milan.
The object, believed to be the door of an aircraft, was discovered just south of the city of St Denis. It is said to have foreign writing on it and possibly some illustration.
New research suggests that chimps have most of the mental capabilities needed to cook food. This suggests that the ability to cook food is deep seated and may have arisen in human ancestors millions of years ago.
The Beatles may have written “dozens” of songs that were never released … because Paul McCartney and John Lennon forgot them.
For many tech companies the race is on to build ever smaller computer processors, but one British man has gone in the opposite direction. James Newman is building a 14m (45ft) computer processor in the lounge of his bungalow in Cambridge.