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2014-12-02 TF


Webmention is a W3C standard protocol that enables one website address (URL) to notify another website address that the former ...
2013-09-29 TF


Aj keď sám nie som veriaci, nemám nič proti viere ako takej. Ako ktosi už povedal, je to barla, ktorá pomáha pri chôdzi, ale prekáža ...
2008-12-04 TF

Paul Otlet

Paul Otlet was a Belgian dreamer and visionary, and one of the forefathers of the Internet. One of his achievements was — together ...
2006-02-06 TF

Prehistoric Civilizations

The notion of limiting historical study to a roughly 5000-year span, out of a possible few million years of human existence, and to ...
2005-04-16 TF

A Methodology for the Analysis of Multi-processors

Please think while you read this...  ...
2001-09-11 TF

War on Terror

This is my small contribution to the protest movement against the senseless war the "coalition" (meaning the USA) wages against ...